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Stretch Mark Removal

A cosmetic procedure that works by creating small wounds in the skin that result in a channel for the customized serums to be absorbed into the skin allowing an improved absorption rate above topical application alone.  As with needling this method simulates natural healing response AND a serum is introduced to further enhance the body's production response.



A consultation is the perfect place to start. Your artist will help answer any questions you may have while creating a customized brow plan, including choosing the perfect pigment shade to give you the perfect dream brows.

Stretch Mark Removal

Starting at $300 up to $500 per area

A method of treating stretch mark scars with a vitamin serum prior to, and perhaps instead of, camouflage tattooing.  The vitamin serum is placed on the skin after the needling with a rotary tattoo machine.  The serum combined with the needling triggers the body's natural healing process response to make the stretch mark less noticeable.  A $75 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve this appointment.

4-8 Week Touch-Up


After your first session, your body will begin to heal causing some areas to release the pigment. This touch up visit can be scheduled before or after your first session. Touch-Up must be scheduled within 8 weeks of your initial visit.

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