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Powder Brows

This technique mimics the effect you achieve when you use a brow powder or pencil. It offers a solid appearance as the pigment is applied using a technique that covers the brow area from the inner brow though to the tail in one block color. It adds depth, definition, and results in a more "made up" look. When healed, you will enjoy a permanent, defined but soft powdered look. Your artist will carefully select a pigment and blend to perfection, complimenting your skin tone and hair color to achieve a natural, powdery look.



A consultation is the perfect place to start. Your artist will help answer any questions you may have while creating a customized brow plan, including choosing the perfect pigment shade to give you the perfect dream brows.

Powder Brows


During your first session, your artist will map your brows to find the perfect shape to compliment your face. Then together you will select a pigment color that takes your lifestyle, skin, hair, and eyes into consideration. Once you are numbed, the artist will begin the service by creating your amazing powder brows. A $75 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve this appointment.

4-8 Week Touch-Up


After your first session, your brows will begin to heal causing some areas to release the pigment. This is why a 4-6 week touch up is crucial to lock your new brows into place. This touch up visit can be scheduled before or after your first session. Touch-Up must be scheduled within 8 weeks of your initial visit.

Additional Touch-Up


This specific service is for client's with stubborn skin or for anyone who desires to deepen their brow color within the first year of your original Powder Brow service. *If you are coming from another artist, a consultation is required and pricing may vary*

Color Boost


A Color Boost is perfect for anyone who desires to deepen or refresh their brows 1-3 years after their initial visit. *If you are coming from another artist, a consultation is required and pricing may vary*

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